Hi, I’m Lori Pritchett. Wife to Dale, who occasionally you will see behind the counter making sandwiches, but you know him best by his pulled pork and sweet tea. Mom to Mary who works with me most days in summer and on Saturdays as she finishes her senior year of high school. Mom to Izaac, a busy junior at KState, but finds time to help out occasionally. And lastly, mom to Buster and Bruiser, our two Boston Terriers. Ask me about them will result in pictures taken previous day.

So why would I buy a sandwich shop? That. Is a an awesome question. It wasn’t in my plan. I had an awesome job working with some of my best friends. Sure, we’d all had that dream to open a restaurant or at least own your own business. I was a home cook and simply could no longer ignore the opportunity presented. So with prayer and petition, I asked for a clear sign. And when God gives you just that. You jump.

Since then. I’ve come to understand many things about not only this business that I wouldn’t have otherwise known, but also about myself. I’ve come to know and adore Adam VanDonge. As the original owner of 5th Street Sandwich Shoppe, his guidance and sometimes push has given me the confidence at times I needed to do this thing.

So come by. Sit and chat. Ask me my favorite sandwich or about my dogs. I’d love to meet you.

UPDATE April 7 2021: 

We are actively seeking buyers of the business. It has been my privilege to serve you in my time as owner of 5th Street Sandwich Shoppe. If one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that change is not only necessary, but crucial for growth. Plans change. So it is my hope that 5th Street Sandwich Shoppe can still be a constant on the Holton Square. Watch here for the most up to date information.